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FAQ of the website: www.tattoo-tutorial-online.com

You search for learning how to tattoo in a tattoo class? We are always asked: "How to become a tattoo artist?" or "How can I learn to tattoo?"

In our online courses and classes everybody can become and tattoo artist right from home and everywhere in the world.

On this page, you get the answer to the most frequent asked questions of how do we learn to tattoo online. You get the necessary basics for the training as a tattoo artist in the tattoo academy.

1. Can everybody join an tattoo online course and become a tattoo artist?

The course in the tattoo online school is appropriate for everybody who want to learn to tattoo. If you are a beginner or search for a master class, there is an tattoo course for every profession. Start tattoo

2. I can not draw, can I learn to tattoo with the help of the tatoo school online?

Yes, you can learn to tattoo. It is not necessary that you already can draw, because you learn to draw in the tattoo drawing classes. So, if you are not able to draw properly, we strongly recommend you the drawing classes to improve your skills. This will finally allow you learning to draw tattoos.

3. Do I need talent for joining the tattoo school online and get a tattoo certification?

No, much talent isn't needed if you are willing to spend time in learning and practicing. We will guide you through the process of your online tattoo school training & certification.

4. Is it necessary to make a test in order to become a tattoo artist?

No, in most countrys it is not necessary to have a tattoo certification. But it is recommended to check the laws for tattoo artists and need of tattoo artist license in your country.

5. Is the test access to the tatto courses and tattoo classes really free?

Yes, the test access is absolutely free! There are free tattoo artist education courses and tattoo artist training lectures as well as tattoo tips for beginners. For advanced professional lectures and tattoo classes in the tattoo school you need to pay.

6. How much tattoo classes, tattoo tutorials and lectures does the tattoo academy offer?

The courses include 36 Lectures with video training, tattoo workshops and all knowledge to become a tattoo artist. How to get into tattooing is well explained, and lot of guidance for design and make tattoos in high aesthetic quality.

Lots of enthusiastic participants have joined the tatoo school online and successfully gained there tattoo artist certifications.

Because of my own experience, I know how hard it may be to find a good tattoo artist school and learn to draw tattoos. The online tattoo school training & certification in this courses will help you to become what you want: An successful and highly accepted tattoo artist!

If you have any question on the tattoo classes or how to make your own tattoo, please do not hesitate to ask the tatoo school online directly.

Is this course about Learning How to Tattoo really for Beginners?

Are you passionate about tattooing? It is only normal that you want to know how to be an expert in this art form. But in reality, tattooing involves more than just drawing. They hold great meanings, allowing the wearer express themselves.

Though the tattooing process tends to include a bit of pain, this pain is well worth it since you can have some unique pieces of body art that allows you express yourself. Tattooing is fun, but there are things you must keep in mind as a newbie tattoo artist.

·       Precautions

First, you must know that there are risks associated with tattooing. This shouldn’t scare you though, as getting it right is very possible. All the equipment you need should be sterilized, and you also need the right precision to get it right. If you go too deep with your modification, the person you are tattooing will feel lots of pain.

Of course, you would have to go through a learning curve in order to figure out the best approach. Two factors are important for those who want to know how to learn to tattoooing online: having a good understanding of line work and a strong eye for color and shape is a requirement, and the more you practice, and give room to critiques, the better you will get at this art. So long as you have a good focus, it will not be long before you become a top-level expert!

·       Get High Quality Materials

It is ideal that you get a good tattoo machine if you want to become an expert, especially if it is for professional use. However, if it is for personal use, you may not need a first-rate stuff. There are tattoo artists that make their own tattoo machines, but as a beginner trying to know how to learn to tattoo online, it would be just fine to purchase one rather than creating your own, as this will give you value for your time. Also ensure you make use of top quality tattoo inks like carbon-based ink, as this eliminates any concerns about negative reactions and makes your tattooing easier.

·       Sterilization Products

Tattooing can cause blood-related infections. Hence, it is crucial to ensure you focus on safety. For this reason, it is ideal that you have a lot of supplies as a tattooing beginner. Products you would need include tattooing needles, disposable ink container, cotton balls, rubber gloves, rubbing alcohol, and some tattoo goo. These supplies are very important and will help you avoid any potential complications that may arise.

·       Learn a Variety of Designs

Yes, you are free to experiment. Look out for some nice designs online, but you need to start with the easiest ones since you are still a beginner. The idea here is to get you to do the simplest things as this is the first step towards achieving more complex stuffs. Try your hands on simple designs like stars, hears, line works, letters, and crosses.

·       Prepare the Body Area for the Tattoo

Preparing the body of your client is one of the primary requirements of a good tattoo artist. Your client needs to stay away from alcohol a few hours before the process, and also avoid blood thinning medications. To prepare the area that will be tattooed, it will be wise to first shave the entire surface with a fresh blade. Using a high quality razor blade will not only make the process easy, but give your art work good value. You do not need even a single strand of hair on the body area when you begin – this is one of the most important skills of a good tattoo artist.

·       Place your Design on the Skin

Once you have everything in place, you can now focus on adding the desired design on the body area. To ensure your design sticks, you will need a specialized paper; and stencil liquid is just ideal so the liquid can spread over the body area. When this is done, you can now pour the ink cleanly. It would be wise to pour less ink than you think you need so your tattoo gun does not have too much ink in it. Only make sure you have just enough ink to set the ball rolling.

You can now push the sterilized needle into the skin. Do not push too hard, but if you notice blood on the skin, try a milder approach than the first time.

·       Outline your Design

Once you have inserted the needle, outline your design by moving the needle down the stencil liquid line using the liquid mark you created earlier. Do this slowly so you do not injure your client, and rest assured, you will still achieve good enough results.

If you mistakenly keep the needle anywhere other than the individual’s skin or your ink dish, ensure you sterilize it as quickly as possible. Also wipe off any extra ink if there is, and use a fresh towel when necessary.

·       Clean the Tattoo

When your tattooing is complete, it is fine if there are lots of extra ink on the skin. While you need to clean this off, do not use a lotion or petroleum jelly for this so you do not clog up the skin pores. Also, do not be in a hurry to wash the tattoo, as allowing the inflammation for a while will let it calm naturally. Apply some ointment on the skin, then cover the tattoo to allow the healing process take full effect. If necessary, clean up and remove or replace any bandages so everything remains hygienic after the process.

Once you have all the steps above in place, you can rest assured you are on your way to becoming a tattoo artist. These tips will guide beyond how to learn to tattoo and it is suitable for beginners – they are ideal even for the seasoned tattooist. But if possible, you can learn from experts too. The idea here is to be professional: read books, watch video tutorials, and carefully follow the aforementioned ideas. Congratulations as you become a top-level professional!